ahh… this is how life should be x]

i got bored…and got too bored that boredom made me do this! XD
hahahahaha! XD

so this is what i’ve been busy about… “puto-grafy”
basically just taking pictures of anything using manual setting of the camera and enhance it to robust quality using adobe photoshop and/or lightroom

by the way, the camera i used is the Canon Powershot SX120is

nice camera right? x]


ahh…i’ve been suffering from fever and headache for a day and a half, and now (i think) im finally recovering. I had a lot of rest and took some medicine (not to mention the help of her KISSiline), i (kinda) feel better now. tss… i guess i must go on with my life (and have a little more dose of her KISSiline, hahaha XD)

i really hope simsimi :/

i really hope simsimi :/

WUTDAFUQ?! hahaha! lol!

what the fuq! hahahaha! lolololol! xD

hahaha! atay! xD

Dj Benedict droppin’ the bass